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Micro-Wedding: The New Small Trend in the world of weddings

A Micro Wedding is a small wedding that usually includes fewer than 50 guests. It's a special wedding choice, as the limited number of guests turns your wedding day into a unique and private event for you and your loved ones. These weddings can take place in small venues such as a home, a garden, or a small restaurant and they can be much more economical than traditional weddings.


The Benefits of Micro Weddings


Small Wedding - Great Freedom of Expression

A Micro Wedding allows you to create a wedding that reflects your personal character and preferences. Instead of trying to please a large guest list, you can focus on creating an experience that is unique to you and your guests. This particular "us and us" situation can give you greater freedom of expression and organization. Why should the groom wear a suit or the bride a white gown if you both prefer colorful designs? You can much more easily organize a themed wedding, such as a colorful theme, that represents you as a couple.


Small Wedding - Significant Savings of Money and Time

Micro Weddings are usually save you more money than traditional weddings. Instead of having to pay for a large guest list and a luxurious ceremony, the limited number of guests leaves you with more financial freedom and time. This way, you can spend your money on different activities, such as organizing your honeymoon!


Small Wedding - Significant Contribution to the Environment

Micro Weddings actively contribute to reducing environmental footprint. Instead of having to transport large numbers of people for the ceremony and reception, Micro Weddings can be held in a local venue and reduce the impact of travel on the environment.


From the above, we conclude that Micro Weddings are an interesting choice for couples who want to have a wedding that is more personal, economical, and less stressful to organize. It's a trend worth considering for those who want to have a wedding that is unique and unforgettable for themselves and their guests.