Wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations: Traditional or Electronic?

Your wedding day is approaching! You have already decided on the guests who will attend, created your guest list, and now it's time to inform them of the joyful news. It's time to choose your wedding invitations. You are faced with two important choices: Do you want your invitations to be in physical form or electronic? Maybe both! With our suggestions, we will help you decide!

What is the vibe of your wedding?

One question you need to ask is how formal or serious your wedding is. Depending on the answer and the atmosphere of the wedding you have planned, it may be fitting to have both electronic and traditional invitations. However, if you prefer to choose only one type, it's worth noting that you can create remarkable and enchanting electronic invitations (e-invitations) that match the aesthetic you have chosen, all from the comfort of your computer, eliminating the challenges of printed invitations. You can draw inspiration from the variety of options offered by WhiteClover on our website.

Electronic invitations save you effort, time, and money.

Electronic invitations have the unique quality of being easily and quickly created from your space, without the need to go to a physical store. Additionally, you need to collect the addresses of your guests in case you want to send them by mail or find a different distribution method for the invitations, which may cost extra. By choosing electronic invitations, you save time on selecting paper, designing the card, and choosing the appropriate font. You can create memorable and magical electronic invitations that match your chosen aesthetic, all from the comfort of your computer, eliminating the challenges of printed invitations.

Electronic invitations are environmentally friendly.

An important advantage of electronic invitations is their contribution to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. By reducing the consumption of paper and waste, you can positively contribute to maintaining a clean planet and have a clear conscience. In case you lean more towards traditional invitations, there is a good alternative for you. Many stores now offer invitations made from 100% recycled paper to align with the eco-friendly lifestyle you have chosen.

Not sure what to choose? Why not both types of invitations?

Do you really like handmade traditional invitations, but don't have the necessary budget? Or perhaps you prefer electronic invitations, but some of your guests are not as familiar with technology? Then you can choose a combination of both types of invitations.

One way to mix the invitations is to send an initial batch of electronic invitations to the guest list you have selected. If your budget allows, you can send a second handmade invitation, closer to the date of your wedding, with additional details that your guests need to know.

An alternative would be to send handmade invitations to guests who are geographically close and easily accessible, while the electronic invitation would be more suitable for people who may have to travel longerdistances to attend your wedding.

Whatever combination of invitations you choose, the important thing is that it fits you, the theme of your wedding, and remember that whatever you choose should make your wedding planning easier, not more burdensome. The White Clover team is here to help you organize your wedding, just as you have imagined it."